The All New Caddy Web Based Irrigation Control

Irrigation Caddy 


Web based irrigation control makes monitoring and controlling your irrigation systems very easy from any location World Wide

The all new irrigation Caddy has all the basic features found in traditional irrigation control units plus many more benefits that make programming and control of complex watering systems simple.  The unit can connect directly to your PC, Smartphone, Ipad and providing the unit has access to wifi you can change watering times, monitor watering flow  etc

The key features of the Irrigation Caddy

  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with 10/ 11 zones which can be expanded to 43 zones The 11th zone can be used to control a zone or can be used to operate a master valve or pump start relay
  • Standard 24 volt ac Output so compatible with industry standard solenoid valves
  • Manual override on unit
  • Connects to local weather and will adjust watering times based on weather conditions
  • Water flow meter can be attached so that the amount of water applied can be monitored per zone
  • Zones can have names so rather than zone 1 you can change the name to front lawn or similar
  • Ethernet enabled so you can plug the unit straight in to router or pc
  • Rain sensor port
  • USB port
  • Water usage logging
  • Web security password protected
  • Graphical calendar

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